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We know credit unions. It’s all we do.

For over 25 years, our team has had a singular focus: helping the credit union industry succeed and thrive. Our practice serves the most credit union clients in the State of Ohio*, and has conducted forensic investigations into some of the most notable fraud cases in the nation. We also educate industry professionals and credit union executives on a variety of topics.

Whether it’s audits and internal control procedures, forensic investigations, merger and acquisition guidance, executive benefit planning or consulting assistance, you can count on us to deliver excellence and expertise.

*source: 2017 Callahan Credit Union Auditors Market Share Guide.

Our Specialties

Audits & Compliance

Audits & Compliance

  • Opinion & Supervisory Committee Audits
  • Internal Auditing
  • ACH, BSA, SAFE, and FHLB Audits
  • Member Verification Procedures
  • Loan Portfolio Reviews

Specialized Services

Specialized Services

  • Merger & Due Diligence Assistance
  • Executive Benefits Packages
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Bond Claim Assistance
  • Strategic Planning Services

Training & Education

Training & Education

  • Training for Board Directors & Supervisory Committees
  • Training for Regulators & Examiners
  • Speaking Engagements for Industry Events
  • Available Onsite or via Webcast
  • Standard or Customizable Topics


Joint Statement – Frequently Asked Questions on the New Accounting Standard on Financial Instruments – Credit Losses

Letter to Credit Unions 17-CU-05, NCUA DATE: September 2017 TO: Federally Insured Credit Unions SUBJ: Joint Statement – Frequently Asked [...]

FFIEC Uniform HMDA Resubmission Guidelines

Letter to Credit Unions 17-CU-04, NCUA DATE: August 2017 TO: Federally Insured Credit Unions SUBJ: FFIEC Uniform HMDA Resubmission Guidelines [...]

Prepaid Rule Implementation Delay

Letter to Credit Unions 17-CU-03, NCUA DATE: April 2017 TO: Federally Insured Credit Unions SUBJ: Prepaid Rule Implementation Delay ENCL: CFPB [...]

Risk-Focused Examinations and Compliance Risk

Letter to Credit Unions 17-CU-02, NCUA DATE: March 2017 TO: Federally Insured Credit Unions SUBJ: Risk-Focused Examinations and Compliance Risk [...]


You really don’t need to go anywhere else. Day-to-day in a credit union is tough, and it is hard to do everything we need to do from a compliance standpoint, and this firm fills a hole we can’t adequately fill ourselves all the time.
I communicate with them all throughout the year as a resource for me about all areas of running the credit union. Absolute invaluable resource to me all throughout the year.
Easy to work with. When there are situations where they give you direction on something that you might not want to hear, they don’t shy away from it. They always tell you what’s in the best interest of the credit union.
I have a great deal of confidence in their product, and I encourage Lillie & Company to come to our board meetings to meet with our board and discuss the audit because of that high trust factor he has with us.